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Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, MFA, 1995

Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China, 1989

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, 1971, Feminist Studio Program with Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro

Radcliffe College, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, BA, 1968, cum laude

Neil Rudenstine, tutor



CO-FOUNDER of SPARCinLA Co-founder with Judy Baca of SPARC, The Social and Public Art Resource Center, in Venice, California, in 1977, an organization devoted to public community art, which has been recognized nationally and internationally, particularly for the mile long "Great Wall of Los Angeles".



2021 Waterfalls on Sheets, Art Apart, East Hampton, New York
2020 Trees and Faces on Sheets, Art Apart, East Hampton, New York

2019 "Tomboys", Duron Gallery, SPARCinLA, Venice, CA

2018 "Portraits", installation at Leverett Theater, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

2015 "All True Tomboys", Leslie + Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, NY, NY

"Birds in Black, White and Grey", Romany Kramoris Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY

"Faces", East End Arts, Riverhead, NY 2011 "Polylogue", Gallery Ehwa, Provincetown, MA

2010 "Dorothy and Friends", The Merz Gallery, Sag Harbor, New York

2008 "Critters", The Merz Gallery, Sag Harbor, New York

2005 "Scholars and Encaustics", The Merz Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY

2003 "Pond Paintings", Cherrystone Gallery, Wellfleet, MA "Ponds and Long Island Landscapes", East End Associates, East Island, NY

2001 "The Dorothy Paintings", AE Gallery, East Hampton, NY

1999 "Book Objects", Glenn Horowitz Gallery, East Hampton, NY

1991 "Paintings from the Birch Forest", Hal Katzen Gallery, NYC, NY

"Birch Paintings", Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1989 "Widow-Maker Drawings", Trabia-MacAffee Gallery, NYC, MY

1988 "Twenty-One Ways of Looking at a Waterfall", Trabia-MacAffee Gallery, NYC, NY

1987 "Landscapes and Holy Pictures", Zeus-Trabia Gallery, NYC, NY



2021 “Chagall Returns to Venice Beach”, The BAR at the Beach, Venice, CA, commissioned by the Jewish Federation of LA, 15’ x 9’ new digital redesign of the original 138’ x 18’ mural

2019 Israel Levin Center, Venice, CA, Pending commission from Jewish Federation to repaint an interior version of the "Chagall Returns to Venice Beach" mural after its removal from the exterior walls in the Center's renovation in 2018.

2018 “Radcliffe 68 Community Mural", acrylic on canvas, 5' x 20', Cambridge, MA "Homage to Gauguin: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going", acrylic on canvas mural, 6' x 14', Ross School, East Hampton, New York

2017 canvas "Boulder Country Day School Diversity Mural”, acrylic on panel, 6' x 24', Boulder, CO

"Endangered Species", acrylic on canvas, 6' x 28', Ross School, East Hampton, NY

2016 "Denver Mural", acrylic on panel, 6' x 18', Stanley British Primary School, Denver, CO

2015 "Justice”, acrylic on canvas mural, 6' x 20', Ross School, East Hampton, NY

2014 "Human Rights", acrylic on canvas mural, 6' x 20', Ross School, East Hampton, NY

1997 "History of East End Mural", 9'X 15', acrylic on canvas, The Ross School, East Hampton, NY

1996 "Chagall Returns to Venice Beach ", Re-commission of "Chagall Comes to Venice Beach" mural. The 1995 Northridge Earthquake destroyed the original mural.

1995 "Girls Club Mural", Girl's Club, Bronx, NY, acrylic on plaster, 12' x 20', for CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau)

1994 “East New York: Past and Present", SITES for Students Mural Commission, New York Per Cent for Art, two 12' X 9'murals, acrylic on panel, P.S. 190 auditorium, Brooklyn, NY

1993 "New Bronx School Mural Doors", 12' X 4', Bronx, New York, "Jonah the Cat and Friends on the Pond", 12' x 20' acrylic on panel mural, Citibank Day Care Center, NYC, NY

1992 "The Fire Mural", acrylic on panel mural, 8'x 40', D.D. Bean & Sons Book Match Manufacturers, Jaffrey, NH

"The Romance of Appropriated Gender", acrylic on brick mural, 8'x16', The Pyramid Club, New York, NY "J.A. Rogers", 8' x 20' acrylic on canvas mural, J.A. Rogers Middle School, Kansas City, MO

1991 "Chagall Comes to Venice Beach", acrylic on stucco, 18'x138' mural, Venice, CA, commissioned for "The Neighborhood Pride: Great Wall Unlimited" program, funded by the Cultural Affairs Dept., City of LA, CA

"The Big Splash", acrylic on stucco mural, 13' x 28', Greyhound Terminal, LA, CA, commissioned by Greyhound, Inc. through Per Cent for Art Program

"The Peaceable Kingdom", 12' x 102' mural, acrylic on brick, Kennedy Child Study Center, Boston Road and 178th Street, Bronx, NY (visible from East Tremont Station on the #2 and #3 train)

1978 "Chumash Indians", acrylic on concrete, 12' x 30' section of the Great Wall of Los Angeles, Tujunga Wash, Los Angeles, CA

1977 "Eating Time", acrylic on stucco, 6' x 6' mural in the Library of the California

Institute for Women, Frontera, CA, under auspices of the Santa Cruz Prison Workshops



2022 Five Springs Artists, Ashawaugh Hall, East Hampton, June

2017 "Cooks of Peace Press", Arena One Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

"Springs Invitational”, East Hampton, NY

2016 "Zines", Ille Arts, Amagansett, NY

2015 "40 The Anniversary Exhibition", Hal Bromm Gallery, NYC, NY

"Figuring Abstraction", Westbeth Gallery, NYC, NY

"Art Across the Years", Amagansett Historical Society, Amagansett, NY

2012 "Face-Off", Ross Gallery, East Hampton, NY

2007 "Chelsea Summer Dreaming", Robert Steele Gallery, New York City, NY

"Encaustic Invitational", Watermark Gallery Kingston, NY; Atrium Gallery, Ball State University, IN

2006 "Paintings from the Dune Shack", Castle Hill Gallery, Truro, MA

"35 at 35", Cherrystone Gallery, Wellfleet, MA

2005 "Art and the Garden", Spanierman Gallery, East Hampton, NY

"Artists and Nature", Spanierman Gallery, East Hampton, NY

2004 "Springs Invitational", East Hampton, NY

2000 "Visual Vernacular", Arlene Bujese Gallery, East Hampton, NY

1995 "Other Choices/Other Voices", Islip Art Museum, East Islip, New York, curated by Holly Block, Nancy Princenthal and Jack Shainman

"Relatively Speaking: Mothers and Daughters in Art", Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY, travelling exhibition

"Trees", Provincetown Art Association, Provincetown, MA, curated by Hayden Herrerra

1993 "Artists and Homeless Collaborative", Henry Street Settlement House, NY, NY, curated by Hope Sandrow and Robin Tewes

1991 "From Desire...A Queer Diary", St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, curated by Nan Goldin

1989 "The Center Show", The Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, NY, NY. Curated by Rick Barnett and Barbara Sahlman

1988 "Painterly Painting", Schreiber/Cutler Gallery, New York, NY

"Exhibition of Visiting Artists", Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China

1986 "Objects", Sensory Evolution Gallery, New York, NY

1984 "The 69th Hudson River Museum Annual", Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY

1977 "Etchings", Self-Help Graphics, East Los Angeles, CA

1971 "Group Show: Lesbian Bar Presentation", Women's Space, West Los Angeles, CA, curated by Arlene Raven and Ruth Iskin


2022, “Frida Kahlo and Hayden Herrera: 40 Years Later”, Provincetown Arts Magazine,
volume 37, annual issue, 22-21, Provincetown, MA, Provincetown, MA
2021, “The SALLY PROJECT”, Provincetown Arts Magazine, volume 36, annual issue, 21-20,
Provincetown, MA, Provincetown, MA
2020 “Jackie Lipton: A Painter who Write Paintings”, Provincetown Arts Magazine, volume 35,
annual issue 20-19 Provincetown, MA


1996 OCARC Fellowship, Outer Cape Artists Residency Consortium, National Seashore, Provincetown, MA

1989 Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Inc., NYC, NY

University of Minnesota, Duluth, at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China

1988 Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc. Fellowship, NYC,

1987 NY Fondation Karolyi, Artist Fellowship, Vence, France 

1986 Cummington Community of the Arts, Artist Fellowship, Cummington, MA



2019 Queer Holdings: A Survey of the Leslie-Lohman Museum Collection, Hirmer Publisher, intended 2019, reproduction of "Romaine Brooks and Me"

2017 Boston Globe, "Some Harvard Classmates Still Challenge the Status Quo", Harvard Crimson, Commencement Issue

Harvard Crimson, Commencement Issue 2018, Class of 1968, Paula Barberi, page 6, "Christina Schlesinger '68, An Original Boss Lady"

2018, Class of 1968, Paula Barberi, page 6, "Christina Schlesinger '68, 'An Original Boss Lady"

2015 East Hampton Star, September 10, 2015, Artist Profile by Mark Segal Provincetown Arts, "Painting What I See", An Interview with Christina Schlesinger by Hunter O'Hanian, Annual Issue

2016/2017, Volume 31 Ms Magazine, July 2015,

(Tomboy painting reproduced) Lavender Review, Summer 2015,

The Gay and Lesbian Review, March/April 2015, "Christina Schlesinger: Filling the Void in Lesbian Erotic Art"

2013 Provincetown Arts, Annual Issue

2012/2013, "Looking for That Tomboy Spirit: Conversation with Christina Schlesinger", by Susan Rand Brown

2008 "On the Wall: Four Decades of Community Murals in New York City", Janet BraunReinitz and Jane Weissman, University of Mississippi Press, reproductions of "The Peaceable Kingdom" mural, Kennedy Child Study Center, Bronx, NY

1999 "Women and Art: Contested Territory", Judy Chicago and Edward Lucie-Smith, Watson -Guptil Publications, NY, NY, reproduction of "Sign for a Lesbian Bar", p. 274

1995 New York Times, April 16, "Other Choices/Other Voices" review by Helen Harrison5

1994 "Community Murals: The People's Art", Alan Bennett, The Art Alliance Press and Cornwall Books, pps. 174 - 177, 236, reproduction Art Papers, November - December, Patricia Cronin, "Representing Lesbian Subjectivities"

1992 New York Times, January 6, Dulcie Leimbach, "Lion and Lamb Lie Down Together in the Bronx", re Peaceable Kingdom mural, photograph New York Native, December 14, David Hirsch, "Romance of Appropriated Gender"

1991 Visions: Art Quarterly, Spring, Jude Schwendenwein, review "Birches", reproduction

Art In America, July, Frederick Ted Castle,

"Birch Forest" review and reproduction Los Angeles Time, May 5,

Shauna Snow, "Birches" review and reproduction Women Artist's News, Winter Issue,

Cassandra Langer, "Birch Forest" review and reproduction

1989 New York Times, April 14, Michael Brenson, review of "Widow-Maker Drawings" Village Voice, Robert Atkins, "Art on Stone Walls", Center Show review, reproduction

1988 New York Times, February 21, John Russell, review of "Twenty-One Ways of Looking at a Waterfalls

1987 New York Times, January 30, John Russell, review of "Landscapes and Holy Pictures"

108: An East Village Review, January, Janet Gillespie,

"Christina Schlesinger at ZeusTrabia" Visibilities, Summer Issue

Jennifer Levin, "Speaking the Same Language: An Interview with Artists Nancy Fried and Christina Schlesinger"



2018-2017 The Ross School, East Hampton, NY, developed and wrote the American

History curriculum for grades 3-9 2017-2014 The Ross School, 10th Grade Cultural History teacher 2014-2012 Curriculum writer for the Ross Institute in NYC and East Hampton, NY

Private tutor in History and English to students at the Fieldston and Horace

Mann Schools in Riverdale, NY 2010-2006 York Prep School, Manhattan, World History and Art History,

Grades 9-12; wrote the Art History curriculum for the school 2005-1996 The Ross School, East Hampton New York, 8th Grade Cultural History and

Visual Arts teacher 1996-1995 Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Visual Arts adjunct 1992-1983 LEAP Teaching Artist and mural specialist in the New York City Public

Schools (Learning Through an Expanded Arts Program)



2002 National Art Educators Association, Miami, Florida, "25 Years of Mural Making"

2001 National Art Educators Association, New York, New York, "Making Mural Guidebooks"

2000 National Art Educators Association, Los Angeles, CA, “Illuminated Letter Books"



"Sublime: A Documentary", My mural “Chagall Returns to Venice Beach" receives a credit in this feature documentary directed by Oscar winner Bill Guttentag about the ska punk band, "Sublime". Band members are interviewed and filmed with the mural behind them.

"Underground 68", Documentary by film-maker Peter Coonradt about the Harvard class of 1968 includes a segment on my career as a mural painter and artist. ((CLICK HERE TO WATCH CLIP))

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